15+ Times Advertisement On Vehicles Fails Were Noticed A Little Bit Too Late


    Good ads have the power to impact society but these will probably only make it laugh. Bored Panda has compiled a hilarious list of epic advertising on vehicle fails, and it will definitely raise your eyebrows.

    I mean, creatives have to consider a lot of things when coming up with an idea for an ad. You’d think location is one of them, right? Not so much. From sliding doors to opening windows, there’s plenty of stuff that can ruin a perfectly good design, and you have to double check everything before greenlighting something that will represent your brand. Or else Mitchell’s Wholesale Provedores might become Mitchell’s Whores. Scroll down to check out some of the funniest ads on wheels that were noticed a little too late and upvote your favorites!

    This Habitat For Humanity Van.

    Image credits: EasterChimp

    I Love Rainbows So Much I Get…

    Image credits: J4CKR4BB1TSL1MS

    Way To Think It Through Starbucks!

    Image credits: sraynor

    Probably Not The Best Design Placement

    Image credits: Sammie_SU

    They Probably Didn’t Think It Through

    Image credits: Bosaapje

    Experience The D

    Image credits: antonfabijan

    Someone Didn’t Completely Think This Through

    Image credits: wonderingtumbleweed

    I Don’t Think The Marketing Team Behind The Hobbit Really Thought This Ad Placement Through

    Image credits: mi-16evil

    Well Designed Pizza Delivery Car

    Image credits: notothedragongame

    This Company Van When The Door Is Opened

    Image credits: Fudgedaboutit

    Good Old Anus Van

    Image credits: HerbieOPF

    The Ramp On This Truck Covers Half The Advertisement

    Image credits: dekool01

    Someone Didn’t Think This Through

    Image credits: iwilldieoneday

    I Mean What The Fuck Did They Expect?

    Image credits: imgur.com

    Omy Ass

    Image credits: sameunderwear2days

    Well, Uh… I Guess That’s A Good Motto

    Image credits: doubletheaction

    At Least They Let You Know Beforehand

    Image credits: KesselySnipes

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