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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Amateur Vs. Pro: How Differently The Same ‘Ugly’ Location Looks When Pro Photographer Shoots...

Award-winning art photographer Vijce is back with fresh inspiration, though it’s not exactly the colourful work you may be used to from him. This time, the German camera pro used a gloomy train station staircase as his main subject, but the beauty he brought to the’ugly’ location is something we can all learn from. Show Full Text “To be honest, I’ve captured my favorite street photos in the ugliest of all places,” Vijce wrote in his recent PetaPixel feature. “Sure, it’s a bit more challenging to..

This Couple Who First Met In Preschool 20 Years Ago Just Got Married, And...

Preschool crushes are seriously the cutest, but, unfortunately, they usually end after preschool. But not for this couple. Show Full Text Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky met when they were kiddos in preschool. In fact, one of Matt’s earliest childhood memories dates way back to preschool with Laura. “One of my very first memories is of being 3 years old and standing up in front of my pre-school class, declaring that I would marry her someday,” Matt wrote. But after preschool, the love birds lost t..

10+ Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

Me And My Business Partner Decided To Share A Hotel Room In Order To Save Some Money. We Weren’t Expecting This source My Non-Smoking Hotel Room Came With A Non-Smoking Ashtray source I’m Beginning To Think Our Hotel In Cambodia Was A Little Dishonest On Their Flyer About The Amenities source As A Frequent Traveler I Get Gifts At Hotel source The Bin In My Hotel Room source The Vent In My Hotel Shower Doesn’t Seem To Be Working source Friend Switched On The Lights In His Hotel ..

10+ Genius T-Shirt Pairs You Will Be Mad You Didn’t Think About First

Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative Tshirt source Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative-t-shirt-pairs Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative Tshirt source Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative Tshirt Creative Tshirt Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative Tshirt Creative-t-shirt-pairs Creative-t-shirt-pairs Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative-t-shirt-pairs source Creative-t-shirt-pairs Creative-t-shirt-pairs Creat..

I Captured The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Albino People (Part 2)

In November of last year, I published my project “Porcelain Beauty” which is dedicated to people with Albinism. In a few days it spread around the world and it received huge exposure and appreciation. I got a lot of feedback from people, many of them were people with Albinism. They were saying my project is so powerful and it makes them feel beautiful and confident the way they are. This is the main reason I decided to continue and create more beautiful images. I’m so excited to present “Porcela..

10+ Lolnein Comics That I Created To Make People Laugh

Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source Lolnein Comics source ..

Temperatures In Arizona Are So High Right Now That People Are Posting Pics Of...

As Good As Oven source Why Complain When You Can Just Use Gloves? source Took Advantage Of The Heat In Scottsdale And Baked Cookies In The Car source Arizona Isn’t That Hot Hey Said, 120 Isn’t That Bad source This Plastic Mailbox Melted Due To The Heat In Mesa, Arizona source My Neighbors Put Up This Fake Rock Plastic Wall Over The Winter. It’s Slowly Melting Away In The Heat source Arizona Is So Hot Our Signs Are Melting source Puppy Feet Are Frying source When It’s So H..

10+ Times Pets Were Caught Red-Handed

Somebody Got Busted source How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You? I’ve Been Finding Thumb Tacks In My Shoes Lately And I Couldn’t Figure Out Which Cat Was Doing It. Needless To Say, The Door To My Office Will Be Remaining Closed From Now On source Busted source Somebody Wants Her Breakfast source Caught Him Trying To Pickpocket My Moms Purse source I Regret Nothing! Doesn’t Even Regret source Busted source So Busted source Scout, Pretending To Be Asleep To Get C..

It Looks Like The Queen Just Trolled The UK Prime-Minister About Brexit In The...

When The Queen of England delivers her yearly speech, she usually does so while dressed in a plethora of typically royal regalia. Jewels. Furry robes. And, of course, a crown. Show Full Text But this year Queen Elizabeth II raised eyebrows by ditching the traditional regal attire and opting instead for a simpler outfit. But it wasn’t so much the style of the outfit as the colors she chose to wear, because as you can see from the pictures below, which were recently uploaded by somebody named Wels..

People Are Posting Annoying Things That Annoy Them More Than They Should (10+ Pics)

We, Too, Booked A Window Seat On An Airplane For My Boy’s First Flight source The Amount Of Packaging Needed For One Small Pill source The Peel-Open Seal. Every. Single. Time source A Lonely Pepper Shaker source I Might As Well Just Shit With The Door Open source I Think This Speaks For Itself… source Well F*ck source This Desktop Organization source The Way These Pictures Are Hung In The Hallway At Work source I Ordered A Package For Next-Day Delivery. This Is The Rou..