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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Girlfriend Secretly Illustrates Everyday Life With Her BF, He Uploads Comics Online And They...

When Catana’s bearded boyfriend secretly uploaded her comics online, it quickly became an online sensation. The Saratoga Springs-based artist, however, didn’t get drunk on her overnight fame and continues illustrating the adorable and funny moments of life in a long-term relationship. “The comics were never intended to be published online, but thanks to John, they were!” Catana wrote. “I was prepared to be embarrassed and torn apart (the internet is a scary place, you know), but to my surprise,..

5 Short Horror Stories That Will Terrify You In Just 2 Sentences

Halloween is fast approaching, and if binge-watching scary movies isn’t enough for you, we’ve got some ‘seasonal literature’ that just might do the trick (or treat). New York-based artist and CollegeHumor head illustrator Jacob Andrews has plucked some of the most spine-tingling two-sentence horror stories from the depths of Reddit, and turned them into a short series of chilling comics. Unwelcome intruders, texts from the afterlife, and dug-up bones are just a few of the themes that haunt each..

Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars

In the small fishing town of Ísafjörður, Iceland, an exciting development in road safety has just popped up – almost literally. A new pedestrian crossing has been painted that appears to be 3D by way of a cleverly-detailed optical illusion. Not only does the innovative design give foot-travelers the feeling of walking on air, it also gets the attention of drivers, who will be sure to slow down their speed once they spot the seemingly floating ‘zebra stripes.’ Icelandic environmental commissione..

50+ Flights That Had The Best Passengers

Don’t You Hate It When Strangers On Flights Want You To Share Your Snacks? source “But I’m Scared” Rocky’s First Flight source My Neighbor Is A Flight Attendant. He Just Posted This Photo Of Someone’s “Therapy Pet,” On His Flight source Flight Attendant: Episode 7 source Penguin On Southwest Flight source Best Plane Ride Ever Saudi Prince Buys 80 Seats On A Plane For His 80 Hawks source On My Flight Tonight, I Sat Two Seats Away From An Air Force K-9 Bomb Dog. The Dog Had Its..

Mom Makes Fun Of Her Model Brother By Having Her Toddler Recreate His Poses,...

The modelling world is notoriously competitive, but New York-based model Aristotle Polites is facing some unexpected competition…from his own baby nephew! As you can see from the 18-month-old toddler’s adorably hilarious pictures, he’s been busy recreating his uncle’s poses with the help of his mom (and Aristotle’s older sister) Katina Behm, and we don’t know about you but we think they’re even better than the originals! It all started when Behm couldn’t get her son, Augie, to wear his plaid bu..

Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife (21 New Comics)

Her Hair Is Everywhere source After A Fight source Anniversary source Women Know Best source Street Biters source Nothing To Wear source Birthday Mornings source Mrs. Snuggles source Her Magic Touch source Safety First! source

Mom Illustrates What It’s Like To Have Kids In 25 Honest Illustrations

You Can’t Find Peace Even When Sitting On The Toilet source The First Time You Breastfeed Is Unforgettable source You Never Imagined The Mess One Baby Could Make source Any Task That Involves Reaching Your Feet Is Impossible source Potty Training Never Turns Out As Expected source Trying To Act All Put-Together When… source Intimacy Between You And Your Partner Becomes The Exception, Not The Rule source Nothing Fits Anymore source You Can Always Count On Finding Your Valu..

Turns Out, UPS Drivers Have A Facebook Group About Dogs They Meet On Their...

If you’re a postal worker, the best part of your day is probably your customers’ dogs. You look forward to their wagging tales and warm greetings whenever you pull up in their owner’s driveway, and you always have a treat ready for them. UPS driver Sean McCarren knows this all too well, and has created the best Facebook group ever to pay tribute to the furry friends that make daily routes a heck of a lot happier. UPS Dogs is a nation-wide network of canine-loving ‘big brown truck’ drivers who p..

Photographer Spends Eternity Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match Artworks And The Result Is...

Most of us were bored at some museum at least once in our lives – except this guy! France-based photographer Stefan Draschan always keeps himself entertained at art galleries by creating his own art projects. One of those projects is “People matching artworks”. Although at first Draschan’s images seem perfectly staged, the secret behind them is actually patience. The photographer enjoys visiting different museums mostly in Paris, Vienna and Berlin where he waits for visitors to suddenly match w..

Guy Gets His Wife Too-Small PJ’s By Accident, And It Ends Up Changing Her...

Gift-giving holidays may be fun for kids, but they’re often a nightmare for couples, as they tend to lay bare each partner’s memory (or lack thereof) of the other. One man just shared a story of how he faced the ultimate ‘husband test’ when buying pajamas as a Christmas present for his wife 5 years ago – remembering her size. His confusion was only worsened by the fact that he and his wife had, in his own words, ‘let themselves go’ in recent years, and that his wife had been suffering from depr..
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