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Monthly Archives: November 2017

20+ Times Things Looked Like Food, But You’d Probably Seriously Regret Eating Any Of...

This Fungus Looks Like A Chocolate Covered Donut source This Fungus Looks Like A Chocolate Covered Donut source This Fungus Looks Like A Perfectly Toasted Marshmallow With Some Nice Chocolate Stuff In The Middle source This Rock Looks Like A Grilled Cheese Sandwich source I Collect Rocks That Look Like Eggs source This Mattress Looks Like An Ice Cream Sandwich source This Tree Looks Like Straight Up Broccoli source This Piece Of Sandpaper Looks Like A Steak source My Toot..

Elon Musk Destroys The ‘Flat Earth Society’ With A Single Question, And Their Reply...

Elon Musk is known for founding automaker Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX), but recently he has set up the Flat Earth Society for such a burn, it could be his greatest achievement yet. The Flat-Earthers actually believe Earth is a flat disc and everything that suggests otherwise is a conspiracy, created by NASA and other government agencies. On Tuesday, billionaire investor, engineer, and inventor Elon Musk asked them a somewhat philosophical question on Twitter, wonderin..

Girl Asks Rick And Morty’s Co-Author How To Cope With Depression, Does Not Expect...

Depression is a bitch and not all people are able to tackle it alone. However, when Twitter user @chojuroh asked Dan Harmon, the co-showrunner of Rick and Morty, for help, she didn’t think he would respond. But he did, and Dan’s words were so powerful, we thought everyone should read them. “I asked Dan Harmon because I wanted advice from someone who suffers, but is not a professional,” chojuroh wrote. “This is the most basic, general advice I’ve been given so far, and it’s great. I participate ..

30+ Of The Funniest Drunk Texts That People Have Ever Sent

I’m Drunk source Officer In The Uk Sends A Text To A Man He Gave A Ride Home To When He Was Drunk. Even The Police Are Classy Gentlemen Over There source Oh Bro… Mom Is Happy Gurl U Got Da Wrong Number Last Night I Was So Drunk I Replied To My Own Text source You Were So Drunk Last Night Apparently I Tried To Log In To My Online Banking When I Was Drunk source Drunk Jess There’s No Way In Hell I Was That Drunk

Ex NASA Engineer Makes Everyone Freak Out When He Turns Sand Into ‘Liquid Soup’,...

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has found a way to make science just as (if not more) entertaining as Bill Nye did – by making sand behave like water. Not only did he document the entire process, he even filled his hot tub to have fun with it, and explained everything in an easily understandable and humorous manner along the way. In his entertaining video, Mark explores what is known as fluidized beds, “a physical phenomenon occurring when a quantity of a solid particulate substance is placed u..

30+ Times People Sent The Most Hilarious Christmas Cards Ever

Last Year, My Brother’s Family Christmas Pic Was A Big Hit. Getting Ready To Do This Year’s And I Can’t Wait. These Babies Have Gotten So Big source He Lost An Arm. She Had A Double Mastectomy. This Is Their Christmas Card source My Friend’s Child During A Christmas Card Photo Shoot source Six Years Of Christmas Family Photos source We Have A Tradition Of Doing “Different” Christmas Cards At Our Photography Store In Norway source Me And My Cat’s Christmas Card Was Deemed “Sacrileg..

30+ Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure Relationship Is Never Boring

Watching My Girlfriend’s Tortoise While She’s On Vacation. She Told Me To Keep Him Out Of Trouble source When My Wife Leaves Town, I Get Bored. Six Days Into Her Vacation I Joked “I’m Going To Have A Formal Dinner With The Cats.” Then I Thought About It For A While source My Wife Wanted A Run-Of-The-Mill Birthday Party. I Asked Her, “So Just A Generic Party?” This Is The Result source Had Minor Surgery Today. My Husband Didn’t Want To Take Any Chances So He Wrote Instructions On My Arms..

25+ Controversial Illustrations By The French Banksy That Will Make You Think

The street artist Dran, born in Toulouse in 1979, is frequently called The French Banksy. These two artists share a critical view of society, power figures and are not afraid to expose their beliefs publicly. “My father wanted me to work with him in construction, but since my arms are too thin to hold a hammer, I dedicated myself to the drawing,” said the artist. Dran mainly creates paintings, drawings and graffiti art all over France. With his art, he addresses important current issues such a..

30+ Hilarious Reactions To Melania Trump’s ‘Creepy’ White House Christmas Decorations

Melania-Trump-White-House-Christmas-Decorations-Reactions source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source White House Christmas Decorations source

28 Psychological Experiments That Revealed Incredible And Uncomfortable Truths About Ourselves

The Piano Stairs Experiment source A Class Divided Experiment source The “Violinist In The Metro” Experiment source Smoke Filled Room Experiment source Robbers Cave Experiment source Car Crash Experiment source Carlsberg Social Experiment source The Milgram Experiment source False Consensus Experiment source The Marshmallow Test Experiment source The Invisible Gorilla Experiment source Bobo Doll Experiment source Kitty Genovese Case source The Asch Conformi..