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Guy Installs Secret Camera To Catch Thief That Keeps Stealing Things, And Here’s What...

Senthil Nathan from Chennai, India, was growing increasingly perplexed at the mysterious case of random, non-valuable objects disappearing regularly from his front porch. Think doormats, mops. Things that you need around the house, but what kind of thief would waste their time stealing them? Eventually, Senthil had enough. It was freaking him out. What if the thief grew in confidence and decided to pull off a bigger heist? It was time for action. He installed a CCTV camera in the hope of catchi..

30+ People Share Their Incredible 6-Year Transformations, And It’s Hard To Believe They’re The...

Finally A Hashtag For Me Lol source If We’re Gonna Start Talking Glow Ups, Then Please, Allow Me source I Did That source 2012-2018, They Ask Me What My Inspiration Was, I Tell ‘Em Global Warming source It’s Hard To Post This Even Though I Don’t Look Like That Anymore, I Still Struggle With My Self Image. So I’m Asking Nicely, Please Be Kind.. source It’s Actually 2013 But I Couldn’t Find Any 2012 source 5 Years Cancer Free source Thought I Should Join This source I Could..

If “The Office” Was A Cartoon

Creed source Dwight source Stanley source Michael source Angela source Andy source Darryl source Jim source Pam source Toby source Phyllis source Kevin source Ryan source Jan source Meredith source Kelly source Holly source Oscar source David Wallace source Jo Bennett source Erin source Charles Miner source Gabe source Roy source

Man Shocked To Find Dog Chained Up In Basement Of His New House, And...

Did ever get that nagging feeling, when leaving your old house behind, that you might have forgotten something? This heartbreaking story happened in St. Louis, when the new owners moved in and discovered somebody had left behind a beautiful dog, chained up and left to die. “I just bought a house and there is a pit bull chained up in the basement,” the new owner told staff at Stray Rescue of St. Louis. “I’m not sure how long it’s been down there.” With time of the essence, volunteers rushed to ..

Colorful Cakes That Look Fuzzy Shag Rugs You’d Regret Stepping On

What can be better than a tasty cake? Cake thats not only tasty but also beautiful. Alana Jones-Mann is LA based designer started sharing her cake decorating experiments in 2013. She creates incredible edible masterpieces that look like rugs. You read that right – her colourful cakes look like interior details fitting the most stylish homes. The artist herself calls these desserts shag cakes and it’s easy to see the resemblance. What do you think? Would you like a cake like this? Let us know. ..

French Artist Creates Fantastical Animal Images In Photoshop, And The Result Is Amazingly Surreal

Our world is a gorgeous place, but with the help of Photoshop, artists can breathe some magic into the mundane everyday life. Julien Tabet is a 20-year-old digital artist from France. He challenges the reality as we know it and creates surreal situations involving animals. From zebras with stripes for wings to the entire ocean in a belly of a bear – nothing is too crazy for this creative personality. Take a look at some of the animals that didn’t exist before Julien. More info: Instagram fan..

Trolls Tell ‘Curvy’ Woman She Does Not Deserve A ‘6-Pack’ Husband, And Her Response...

Ever since the dawn of the internet, there have been trolls. These broken, deeply insecure people love nothing more than to bring others down to their level by preying on their insecurities. When Instagrammer and Podcaster Jenna Kutcher was messaged by someone who ‘couldn’t believe’ she had managed to land herself such a hot husband, she decided to neutralize her troll’s power completely by sharing her experience and turning it into an inspiring message of body positivity. Jenna and her husband..

People Are Posting Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh...

My Mum Advised Me Not To Leave The House Like This, Didn’t Listen. That Hair! source My Parents Weren’t Surprised When I Came Out source For My 2nd Grade Photo I Vouched For The Satan’s-Child-Lawyer Look source That Time In The Early 90s When I Was 12 Going On 54 source Glamour Shot Blunder (7 Years Old) source My 10th Grade Year Book Picture source In 5th Grade I Was Worried I Would Blink And Mess Up My Year Book Photo source Just A Girl On A Spring Communist Demonstration ..

87-Year-Old Grandma Creates Art On Microsoft Paint, And The Results Will Blow Your Mind

Some grandmas spend their time in the garden, some knit, but 87-year-old Concha Garcia Zaera enjoys a hobby that’s rather unusually among her friends. She draws. Using only MS Paint. She discovered the program after her children gave her a computer, and she hasn’t looked back ever since. “My husband fell ill and I had to take care of him, so I couldn’t go out very often,” Zaera told El Mundo. “I began painting little things: first, a house, the next day I’d add a mountain… Step by step, I was a..

Woman Buys Fish Rotting Away At Walmart, Can’t Believe Her Eyes 4 Weeks Later

Completely neglected and almost falling to pieces, this little fish was severely suffering at the back of a Walmart store, and its condition couldn’t have been worse. He was in such poor shape that he was about to lose his tail and fins. Victoria Schild was not planning to buy any pets that day but after noticing this abandoned fish at the back of a store, she knew that she has to rescue him. “I felt incredibly sad for the little guy and decided that I didn’t want him to die in there, just rott..