25+ Times People Recreated Their Grandparents Photos, And The Result Was Amazing


    Our grandparents may be grey and wrinkled but once they were young, facing many life problems and experiencing its joy just like we are now. To honor their journey in this world and to express love, people are time traveling by recreating their grandparents old photographs, and they’re nailing it.

    Bored Panda has collected some of the best grandchildren attempts to mimic their grandmas and grandpas, and you’ll be amazed by the amount of effort they’ve put into it. But it was definitely worth it. From visiting the same sights to wearing identical outfits, these people bonded with their ancestors on another level. Let’s hope they’ve seen it! Scroll down to check out these amazing then-and-now images and vote for your favorites.

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    The greatest man I know. My grandfather and I, 60 years apart, both taken at 23-years-old and in the same jacket

    Image credits: brosenstock8

    Recreated my Great-Grandmother’s 1918 Portrait

    Image credits: Taintlyn

    My Grandma in 1931 and Me in 2012. Both 20-years-old

    Image credits: keldry27

    Sitting exactly where my grandfather sat in WWII 1944 vs. 2014. Arno River, Florence Italy

    Image credits: wisawasa

    Grandpa at East Base Antarctica 1940 on left. Me last week on right

    Image credits: snowystormz

    Recreated Polaroid of Grandpa from 1977

    Image credits: 4shoot4

    My husband and I got married at the same church that his grandparents did!

    Image credits: tha_g00se14

    My grandfather and I, 1965 and 2016

    Image credits: datguynamedjoe

    My mum and grandmother (1977); me and my mum (2012). Two generations of University of Melbourne graduates

    Image credits: GreenCristina

    My boyfriend and I attempted to recreate my favorite picture of my grandparents, this was the result

    Image credits: americanadaptation

    Recreated my grandparents’ wedding photo from 1954 at our own wedding on Friday.

    Image credits: akaRoger

    My grandpa, my dad, and myself. Making three generations of wives worried sick

    Image credits: Sandite5

    Friend recreated her grandmother’s picture – 69 years later

    Image credits: MalcEZ

    1st gen (1989): me, my dad, and my grandpa playing Zelda on NES. 2nd Gen (2016): my son, me, and my dad playing Zelda on NES on WiiU

    Image credits: ImagesOfNetwork

    It’s my Grandma’s 79th Birthday today. Here’s her in 1949 vs. Me in 2015

    Image credits: Roro-Squandering

    My Grandfather in 1939, myself in 1999

    Image credits: skeleton-spotted

    My sister on the same ship our Grandfather served on in the Korean War. Now a museum in Virginia

    Image credits: KRayZRay718

    1989 and NOW: My grandfather and I

    Image credits: BigGing

    Here is a side by side picture of my Grandfather (World War II) and myself (Current War)

    Image credits: Spencer487

    My grandfather and I, roughly sixty years apart

    Image credits: superblinky

    Standing next to my grandfather on the streets of Pleurtuit, France in 1944 and 2013

    Image credits: Following the Golden Arrow

    I turn twenty in 30 minutes. For the last hour of my teens I wanted to reproduce my favourite picture of my grandfather when he was my age studying at Hitotsubashi University

    Image credits: Scrumtrullecent

    my great grandfather and I trained at the same location, exactly 100 years apart. He left for France shortly after this was taken in 1917

    Image credits: Goat_Overlord

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