30+ Of The Most Touching Goodbyes Ever


    At a certain point, death comes for all of us. And whether or not we’ve had the time to make our last wish, we must leave our bodies and everything they’re a part of. To make these goodbyes easier for everyone, people are organizing truly heartwarming send-offs. Bored Panda has collected some of the most touching funerals, and they will send shivers down your spine.

    From small and personal gatherings to huge public rallies, these ceremonies were everything the deceased would have wanted. But as much as we can honor a person postmortem, it will never come close to what a live interaction can offer them. So, after you scroll down and enjoy our list, pick up a phone and make that call you’ve been putting away for a while. ‘Later’ might become too late.

    Buried my dad today. He worked for Mississippi Power for over 30 years so they sent bucket trucks to his funeral

    Image credits: drummerboy91

    My Father Had Requested A Viking Funeral. I Honored His Request By Making The Boat Myself. Set In His Ashes & Said Goodbye

    Image credits: ILoveToads

    My Grandmother’s Handmade Quilts Draped Over The Pews At Her Funeral. She Made Over 100 For Every Special Occasion. Before She Passed, She Made Four More, One For Each Of Her Unmarried Grandchildren To Be Given To Us On Our Wedding Days

    Image credits: tits_mcgheee

    Bagpiper At My Gramps Funeral. Rip Pop

    Image credits: cnyfury

    It Was My Big Brother’s Funeral Yesterday. His Passion In Life Was Gaming, So This Is The Flower Arrangement I Had Made For Him

    Image credits: 2hearts

    GWAR gave their deceased band mate a Viking funeral

    Image credits: Nonoyeaigotit

    My Grandpa Wanted To Go To His Funeral On His Tractor

    Image credits: Snooperking

    The Young Daughter Of A Ups Worker Passed Away Last Week In My Small Town. His Coworkers Showed Up To Support Their Friend At The Funeral.

    Image credits: Daxom

    Joey wanted to be a policeman. When cancer struck, the local PD swore him in. Police from 4 states came to honor him today at his funeral

    Image credits: sheepsleepdeep

    Funeral Procession For The Fallen Dallas Police Officers

    Image credits: iBleeedorange

    Parents Ordered A Super Man Arrangement For Their Son’s Funeral. This Is What I Made For Them.

    Image credits: flowershop956

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