First Glimpse Of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Shows They’re In Danger


New aerial photos show a village of an uncontacted tribe in Brazil’s remote Yanomami Indigenous territory. The village is the home to the Moxihatetema tribe and experts now believe that the tribe is in danger due to illegal miners close to their settlement.

The tribal advocacy group, Survival International warned that “Miners have brought diseases like malaria to the region and polluted Yanomami food and water sources with mercury, leading to a serious health crisis,”.

Location of the Moxihatetema Tribe.

Yanomami Indigenous Territory


Brazilian Government established Yanomami Indigenous Territory in 1992 before the Earth Summit in Brazil. At the time, the government invested a large amount of resources to clear the region of illegal miners but now under the new Conservative Brazilian Government the National Indian Foundation budget has been cut by more than a third, leaving the Foundation overwhelmed with more than 5,000 illegal miners believed to be currently operating in the region.

The Moxihatetema Tribe


The Moxihatetema tribe contains around 100 people and it is one of the three Yanomami groups living within the Yanomami Reserve.

This guy…


How are they surviving?


More than a year ago, an attempt to contact the Moxihatetema tribe directly was met with great resistance thus their progress has been monitored from the air.

Global concern is raising.


The survival of this tribe has mainly been down to their extreme isolation which has protected them from diseases. It took researchers more than a year to locate the tribe due to their constant movement across the rainforest. However, many experts now fear that the illegal miners in the reserve could compromise the community.

The Yanomami People


The Yanomami People


However, the Moxihatetema Tribe are not the only uncontacted tribe.

A Survival International spokesman told Fox News “We estimate that there are around 100 uncontacted tribes around the world, the vast majority of which are in South America, in the Amazon,” These tribes have great anthropological significance and these photos have spur pleas to protect them.



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