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Friday, September 21, 2018

Police Try To Troll Town, Probably Don’t Expect A Reaction Like...

People trust the police with their lives, so they expect that officers tackle their duties in a serious matter. This, however, means that if someone with a badge was to try pulling off a prank, it could go a long way. And it did. It all started with a Facebook post by the Allen County (KS) Sheriff’s Department, and ended with quite a few confused and pissed folks. “We will be blocking all Allen County access to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube between February 28 and ..




Guy Installs Secret Camera To Catch Thief That Keeps Stealing Things, And Here’s What...

Senthil Nathan from Chennai, India, was growing increasingly perplexed at the mysterious case of random, non-valuable objects disappearing regularly from his front porch. Think doormats, mops. Things that you need around the house, but what kind of thief would waste their time stealing them? Eventually, Senthil had enough. It was freaking him out. What if the thief grew in confidence and decided to pull off a bigger heist? It was time for action. He installed a CCTV camera in the hope of catchi..

30+ People Share Their Incredible 6-Year Transformations, And It’s Hard To Believe They’re The...

Finally A Hashtag For Me Lol source If We’re Gonna Start Talking Glow Ups, Then Please, Allow Me source I Did That source 2012-2018, They Ask Me What My Inspiration Was, I Tell ‘Em Global Warming source It’s Hard To Post This Even Though I Don’t Look Like That Anymore, I Still Struggle With My Self Image. So I’m Asking Nicely, Please Be Kind.. source It’s Actually 2013 But I Couldn’t Find Any 2012 source 5 Years Cancer Free source Thought I Should Join This source I Could..

If “The Office” Was A Cartoon

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People Were Confused Why This Clock In A Museum Was Covered With A Sheet...

Wendell Castle is the father of art furniture, and his pieces are so masterfully crafted that you don’t know whether you should actually be using them or if they should be in a gallery somewhere. This clock, dubbed the ‘ghost clock,’ certainly belongs in the art category. Created in 1985, it is on display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. and at first glance seems to be simply an old grandfather clock draped in a protective sheet. A new exhibit perhaps, or maybe it was ..

People Can’t Stop Laughing At This Dog’s Hilarious Growth Chart

If you’ve ever had a puppy, you know very well that they get attached to you. VERY attached. Take young Axl here, who would follow his owner everywhere, even to the bathroom. Imgur user rayzer12 brought Axl home aged just 7.5 weeks, and first took a photo of the pup curled cutely in a quite unlikely place, the gusset of his underpants. This seemed to become a tradition. As Axl continued to follow his human to toilet breaks, rayzer12 would take a photo of the lavatory Labrador nestled in his pa..

Coworker Keeps Sexually Harassing This Woman, So She Gets The Best Revenge Ever

Sexual harassment is in the spotlight at the moment, with women all over the world finding the courage to stand up for themselves and speak out against something that has been tolerated for way too long. With high profile movements such as the #metoo campaign, as well as a raft of high profile people now being named and shamed for past inappropriate behaviours, there has never been more moral support for women who feel violated to fight back. And now, thanks to this woman’s story shared on Redd..


Help Us! Our Father Is A Photographer!

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