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Monday, June 25, 2018

Bored Hotel Guest Starts Making “Challenges” For Housekeepers, And They Respond...

As anybody who frequently travels for work will tell you, business trips can be kind of boring. You’re stuck in a hotel for days on end, often eating and drinking and sleeping alone, unless of course you want to hang out with the other people on your business trip, which let’s face it, you probably don’t. Show Full Text But one traveler, who was recently staying in a hotel in Azerbaijan, came up with a creative way to beat the boredom without having to resort to awkward breakfasts with colleague..




Guy Installs Secret Camera To Catch Thief That Keeps Stealing Things, And Here’s What...

Senthil Nathan from Chennai, India, was growing increasingly perplexed at the mysterious case of random, non-valuable objects disappearing regularly from his front porch. Think doormats, mops. Things that you need around the house, but what kind of thief would waste their time stealing them? Eventually, Senthil had enough. It was freaking him out. What if the thief grew in confidence and decided to pull off a bigger heist? It was time for action. He installed a CCTV camera in the hope of catchi..

30+ People Share Their Incredible 6-Year Transformations, And It’s Hard To Believe They’re The...

Finally A Hashtag For Me Lol source If We’re Gonna Start Talking Glow Ups, Then Please, Allow Me source I Did That source 2012-2018, They Ask Me What My Inspiration Was, I Tell ‘Em Global Warming source It’s Hard To Post This Even Though I Don’t Look Like That Anymore, I Still Struggle With My Self Image. So I’m Asking Nicely, Please Be Kind.. source It’s Actually 2013 But I Couldn’t Find Any 2012 source 5 Years Cancer Free source Thought I Should Join This source I Could..

If “The Office” Was A Cartoon

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There’s A Powerful Detail You’ve Probably Missed On Time Magazine’s Cover That Named #MeToo...

TIME magazine has honored the women and men who made moves against sexual harassment and assault by naming the #MeToo movement as its 2017 Person of the Year. The magazine’s cover featured five prominent women in the movement: Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, and Isabel Pascual, whose name was changed to protect her identity. If you look closely, however, you’ll also see an elbow of an anonymous person. It’s not a mistake. In an interview for Today, Time Editor-in-Chief Edwar..

People Are Coming Up With New Slogans For United Airlines, And It’s Hilarious

In case you had your phone on airplane mode and didn’t see the news yesterday, a passenger was removed by force from a United Airlines flight after the carrier overbooked their seats. The good people of the Twittersphere clapped back in the most hilarious way possible – by coming up with new slogans for them. Show Full Text Fly the Friendly Skies, the company’s current motto, didn’t seem to apply to one man flying from Chicago to Louisville. The airline had overbooked the flight, a common practi..

10+ Photos Proving That Hens Are The Best Moms In The Animal Kingdom

Mothers are awesome. They’re caring, loving and can do everything for the little ones. And I’m not only talking about amazing women, but also about all the mothers of the animal kingdom. Hens included. Show Full Text Hens are known to adopt other chicks and care for them as if they were their own. Farmers have their hens adopt little chicks all the time. But sometimes hens are quick to adopt other animals as well. Take a look at 10+ amazing mother hens and their tiny “babies”. Which one of them..


Little Girl Did An Interview With Her Cat And Someone Suggested...

Let’s be honest, we pet owners tend to have little chats with our darlings every once in a while, but this 10-year-old has decided to take it to a higher level. Paul Duane’s daughter Gabi has “arranged” a formal interview with her cat, and its transcript perfectly describes every feline. Ever. The discussion revolves around a topic that cats have very specific feeling towards – petting. When you start caressing your furry little creature it might respond with sweet purls but make one wrong move..