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20+ Times Retrievers Proved They Are The Best Dogs Ever

Fascinated Retrievers source When You Get Buried In Snow But Your Dog Is A Retriever source This Briefcase Contains Important Lab Results source A Labrador Labradoing What A Labradog Labrado source Hi There source This Golden Retriever Has A Black Birthmark On The Left Side Of His Face source Capturing Unexpected Moments Sometimes Turn Out To Be The Most Memorable Of All source Can I Have Some? source “Guess I’m Still Carrying A Little Holiday Weight” source I’m Pretty..

Man Tries To Capture A Lightning Storm Outside On Camera, Records The Scariest Moment...

When 38-year-old Daniel Modøl went outside to film a distant storm he didn’t expect it would get so close. He was safely standing on his terrace in Gjerstad, Aust-Agder, Norway and shooting lightning bolts flashing in the area. Nature, however, had planned something more. While still in his flip-flops, Daniel witnessed a lightning strike leaving a crater in his backyard about 15-20 feet (4,5-6 meters) away from him. He wasn’t fast enough to record the near-instantaneous bolt, but he did documen..

Mom Refuses To Give Up Her Disabled Baby With “Low Intelligence,” Nurtures Him All...

When Zou Hongyan welcomed her only son to the world in 1988, terrible birth complications left him disabled for life with cerebral palsy. Doctors in her native Hubei province encouraged her to give him up, a view that even her own husband shared, as they believed the boy would lead a miserable, worthless life. Zou, however, rejected their claims, divorced her child’s father, and made it her life mission to treat and support her baby boy when no one else would. Show Full Text Zou worked at least ..

I Illustrate My Darkest Thoughts To Help People Understand What It’s Like To Suffer...

This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illustrates His Dark Thoughts This Artist Illu..

Every Halloween This One-Legged Guy Makes An Epic Halloween Costume, And He Just Revealed...

Josh Sundquist heard his cancer diagnosis when he was only nine years old. The doctors said that Josh was flipping a coin for his life – the boy’s survival chance was about 50%. He lost his left leg, despite chemotherapy, but by thirteen he was 100% cancer-free. By sixteen, he was ski-racing, and Sundquist even went on to represent the U.S. in the 2006 Paralympics in Torino, Italy. Now, Sundquist is a motivational speaker who’s become famous on social media for his clever and inventive, amputati..

I Draw Comics That People Can Relate To (Part 2)

Hi! You may have seen some of my comics over the internet (maybe) or here on Bored Panda before but if you haven’t… hi! I’m @relatabledoodles. I draw relatable comics about the everyday “problems” in life (some are exaggerated for comical effect). Hope you nod along, chuckle a little or perhaps say “yo that’s me” to some of these comics. More info: Instagram I Draw Comics That People Can Relate To (Part 2) I Draw Comics That People Can Relate To (Part 2) I Draw Comics That People Can Rel..

Guy Sucks At Photoshop, Spends 10 Years Mastering Microsoft Paint To Illustrate His Book

Turns out, sometimes our resistance to learn something new and master a new skill can lead to something pretty amazing. Pat Hines, who couldn’t be bothered to learn Photoshop and illustrated his ebook using good old Microsoft Paint, is the proof. “I suck at Photoshop and other programs, and have worked exclusively in Microsoft Paint for over ten years… I honed my craft working long overnights at a hospital reception desk…,” the guy writes. That’s why when it came to choosing the program to creat..

10+ Times Pets Were Caught Red-Handed

Somebody Got Busted source How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You? I’ve Been Finding Thumb Tacks In My Shoes Lately And I Couldn’t Figure Out Which Cat Was Doing It. Needless To Say, The Door To My Office Will Be Remaining Closed From Now On source Busted source Somebody Wants Her Breakfast source Caught Him Trying To Pickpocket My Moms Purse source I Regret Nothing! Doesn’t Even Regret source Busted source So Busted source Scout, Pretending To Be Asleep To Get C..

A Real Wonder Woman Spent 50 Hours Making This Costume From A Cheap Yoga...

Some superheroes inspire people to get super crafty. Australian makeup artist and children’s party entertainer Rhylee Passfield took inspiration from everyone’s now-favorite female superhero, Wonder Woman, and using a yoga mat, duct tape, and a little magic from a heat gun, she created a wonderful costume. “Basically, I started by duct-taping myself”, the artist explained the process to the Daily Mail Australia. “Then I cut out a pattern from the duct tape form, copied it onto a Kmart yoga mat ..


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Guy Brutally Roasts PETA On Twitter, And People Are Finally Realizing...

Since 1980, PETA has made a name for itself as the number-one authority on animal welfare. UK-based YouTube vlogger Calum McSwiggan, however, wants people to consider otherwise, and recently used a scathing Twitter rant to sound off on the organisation’s true colours. Show Full Text After recent investigations, PETA has come under fire for a lot more than just the scantily clad women they use for marketing. In a March 2017 press release, the Center for Consumer Freedom revealed that PETA euthani..

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This Guy Wanted To Take Revenge For His Sister’s Obnoxious Gift...

There is always one in the family that loves a bit of mischief, who will go out of their way to make a ‘joke gift’ to prank someone at Christmas time and score a few laughs around the dinner table. Last year is was Imgur user gileriodekel on the receiving end, getting a crappy candy bar wrapped in impossibly awkward wrapping from his sister. So this year he and his wife teamed up to take revenge and while it was an extraordinary amount of effort to go to, boy was it glorious. “I’ll likely have..

Vegan Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pudding Cups

This quick, easy chocolate pudding can be thrown together in less than 10 minutes, and it’s so rich and creamy you’d never guess it was dairy-free! The secret is using avocados. You won’t really taste the avocado in the finished pudding, but it helps give it a thick and creamy consistency. Continue reading "Vegan Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pudding Cups" »

Woman Fulfills Her Ill Grandfather’s Wish Before It’s Too Late, And...

Fu Xuewei, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Chengdu, China recently shared a beautiful set of wedding photos that are going viral. However, there’s an emotional twist to the photographs where no groom seems to be found. In fact, one is not even present as the only people featured in the photoshoot are Ms. Fu and her 87-year-old grandfather. Despite having no plans of getting married anytime soon, Fu Xuewei decided to don the bridal gown for her grandfather. The man fell seriously ill last Septem..

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