10+ Hilarious Pics Of Kids At Weddings

Flower Girl Is Tired Of This Wedding Sh*t source Weddings Are Boring source This Little Flower Girl Who Stole The Show In The Middle Of Her Aunt Wedding source My Little Cousin After An All-Day Wedding Affair (The Suitcase Contains His Travel Toys) source Boy Vs Wedding Dress This Flower Girl Who Just Doesn’t Care About The Vows source This Kid Really Doesn’t Like Weddings source Bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem During Britain’s Prince William’s And Catherine’s Kiss source It’s..

Meet Luhu, The Saddest Cat In The World Whose Photos Will Break Your Heart

Cats have a pretty good deal in life. They sleep all day, they get petted whenever they demand it, they eat for free, and they don’t have to pay any rent. As you can see from the pictures below however, not all cats are happy with their easy lives. In fact, some cats are downright miserable, like Luhu the tabby for example, who might just be the world’s saddest feline. She lives in Beijing with her human mom, Maggie Liu, and her various other siblings, but although the cats all share the same pa..

Someone Optimized Famous Logos To Use Less Ink And Be More Environmentally Friendly –...

Visibility is hugely important to brands, which is why they want to see their logo everywhere, but there’s a price to pay for such widespread exposure, not just financially but ecologically as well. As you can see below however, there’s a simple way to reduce these costs, and that’s by using less ink. The idea, called Ecobranding, is a new conceptual experiment aimed at making brands more eco-friendly while at the same time saving millions of dollars in production costs. From McDonald’s and App..

Turns Out, Spiders Have Tiny Paws, And It May Change The Way You Look...

Aren’t spiders just adorable? Well ok, in most cases they’re bloody terrifying, but that image might change when you take a closer look. As close as to where their feet should be, where you’ll find that they have…paws! In more scientific terms, a spider’s “paw” is called a tarsus, and it’s only one of eight parts that make up a rather complicated leg. Just like cats or dogs, spiders also have claws attached to the paws, but in their case, legs also work as ears and nose picking up subtle change..

10+ Genius Stores That Will Surprise You With Their Creativity

My Local Supermarket Has Pre Made Kits For People To Buy And Give To The Homeless Or Food Shelters source This Store Sorts It’s Bananas By How Ripe They Are source Local Mattress Store Gives You A Mini Mattress For Your Doggie When Buying A Regular One source This Store Lets Customers Choose Whether They Want To Be Bothered By The Staff source Shopping Carts In This Store Have Calculators source My Walmart Shopping Cart Has A Store Gps Attached To It source Store Offers Fresh F..

Korean Illustrator Captures The Beauty Of Falling In Love So Well You Can Almost...

Simply Relaxing Together After Watching A Good Show source Appreciating Lovely Home Made Dinners source Enjoying All Those Gentle Touches source Experiencing Unexpected Moments Of Passion source Savouring The Careful Touches source Loving Those Small Kisses source Feeling Safe In Your Embrace source Dancing Through The Night source Walking In The Rain And Kissing source Having Breakfast Together source Kissing In The Rain source Living Our Winter Wonderland sou..

10+ Floridians Who Fought Hurricane Irma With A Sense Of Humor, And Won The...

Comic Relief In My Hometown source Thanks Irma! source Pokémon Go Trying To Murder People source My Cousin In Law Saw This Today source Morning After Irma source Irma Please Accept This Offering source Irma Is “Going To Devastate The United States” source “If You’re In A Evacuation Zone Please Leave” source Power Still Out, I’m Making The Best Of The Situation source My Dawg Out Here Saving Lives source

10+ Rare Photos Of 9/11 You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

A Knot Of Bystanders At Park Row And Beekman Street Look Up As The South Tower Begins To Collapse source As Seen Through A Fish-Eye Lens From An Apartment Four Blocks Away, Smoke Streams From The North Tower Within Minutes Of The First Plane’s Attack source At Rector Street And Broadway, A Photographer Leaned Out His Window With A Medium-format Camera And Caught The Moment Before The Second Plane’s Impact source A Man Has A Job To Do source People Run Down Broadway As A Smoke And Dus..

Irma Makes The Ocean Disappear From Florida And Bahamas Beaches And It’s Terrifying

Last week, Hurricane Irma shocked the world by decimating the island nations of the Caribbean. Now that the powerful storm has made landfall in the US and the Bahamas, a terrifying rare phenomenon is occurring that has left residents in absolute disbelief – and it could be the sign of something much worse to come. Tropical force winds have already left more than 2.6 million homes without power, but those winds have started blowing toward the center of the storm, and have consequentially drawn t..

10+ Times People Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Face To Face With Yourself In A Museum source So He Goes To The Art Museum And This Happened source Made An Interesting Discovery At The Art Museum Today source So I Found A Picture Of Myself Dressed As A Samurai 111 Years Ago At The Met. Apparently I Was A Collector Of Samurai Armor, I’ve Drunk A Lot Since Then So I Don’t Really Recall But It’s Totally Plausible That’s It’s Me source The Doppelgänger Experience source Found My Great-Great Grandmother At Louvre Found My Doppelgä..