I Cosplayed As Maui From Moana And This Is How I Created The Costume


    Moana is my favorite Disney movie to date. I knew that I needed to cosplay Maui the moment I saw his character.

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    I knew that I needed to cosplay Maui the moment I saw his character. This is how I did it

    Image credits: MDR Foto

    First step was to find a good image online to use as a template. The hook is scaled to my height so that it appears proportional

    As a cosplayer, I like a sturdy but light prop that I can carry around all day

    Materials that are convention safe like Pink Insulation Foam work great for prop making. I glued a few layers together and used my template to cut out the hook. Using a wood burning tool I carved the designs into the hook.

    I coated the hook with several layers of wood glue for a nice seal before I started painting

    And I added some weathering

    I wanted the rope a little darker than the color I had so I let it soak in some tea

    For the leaves I patterned out dozens of different leaves each one a little different

    Traced the patterns onto craft foam

    I didn’t realize how many color variations were in Maui’s skirt. So many!

    Leaves leaves everywhere

    Theyre getting there

    I attracted all of the leaves to rope using hot glue

    For the necklace I wanted light materials again, so used Apoxie Sculpt

    Traced out some teeth on a sheet of paper and matched the pieces up.

    Lots and lots of dust from sanding these. But it wasn’t too bad

    Once they were the shape I wanted I added weathering

    And tied them onto a rope necklace

    The body suit was custom made by my friend in the UK, Wakandanprops

    Some people said I should’ve worn a wig

    Some people said I should’ve shaved my beard

    But I think it turned out perfect

    It’s my version of Maui, I love it, and I hope you do too

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