I Hide Giants That I Make From Wood In The Wilderness Of Copenhagen


    My name is Thomas Dambo, I’m a Danish artist who works with recycled materials. Over the last 3 years I made 25 big recycled sculptures around the world. Recently I made 6 hidden giants in my hometown of Copenhagen.

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    The sculptures are found in some of my favorite places around the city, places where people don’t go to often, because it’s off the beaten track. The sculptures can only be found by using a treasure map, or a poem engraved into a stone near each sculpture. These give hints on how to find the different giants.

    I’ve made all the sculptures from recycled wood. Mainly from 600 old pallets, an old wooden shed, a fence and what ever else I was able to scavenge. Every sculpture was made with the help from local volunteers, and each of the sculptures was named after one of the volunteers.

    I hope my art will inspire people to see the big potential in recycling and taking better care of our planet.

    More info: thomasdambo.com

    Little Tilde

    Thomas On The Mountain

    Oscar Under The Bridge

    Hilltop Trine

    Sleeping Louis

    And Teddy Friendly

    At each sculpture there is a poem that gives hints to find the next one

    The sculptures are made from recycled wood

    Here are my two favorite super models Gorm and Knud!

    Here’s a map that you can use to find them

    My buddy Jacob Keiniken made a film about the project

    Check out more….


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