I Recreated Some ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Scenes On My Recent Trip To New Zealand, Here’s The Result


    I recently spent a couple weeks traveling the North and South islands of New Zealand and I managed to hit almost every filming site from Lord of the Rings!

    Here are some shots that I was able to re-create or that lined up with scenes from the movies very nicely.

    Hiding from the Nazgul in Hobbit’s Hideaway in Wellington

    Leaving the Shire in Hobbit’s Hideaway, Wellington.

    On our way to Mordor on Mt. Ruapehu

    Some casual reading in Hobbit’s Hideaway, Wellington

    Traveling the valley of Harrowdale towards the Paths of the Dead at the Putangirua Pinnacles in Aorangi Forest.

    Isengard, in Glenorchy

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