Lady Gaga Crumbles Into Tears After Fantastic Super Bowl Performance


Just Dance- singer Lady Gaga broke down as she fell into her mother’s embrace right after finishing her Super Bowl Half Time performance. All of the family was in tears!

The 30-year-old singer reached new heights when her sales peaked at 1000% increase.

The Internet caught fire.

“This is electrifying, only a true entertainer could pull this off!” and “I really like it when people compare her to Michael Jackson… cause you have to be a legend to be compared to a legend”, are just some of the many comments in the YouTube section under the NFLs official video.

When it was announced that Lady Gaga will be performing at the Super Bowl’s Half Time show, I knew that we were in for a treat. It ended being nothing short of spectacular.

The whole performance was a fantastic feat. The singer was accompanied by dancers, pyrotechnics and was even dancing midair in a couple of instances.

Lady Gaga can be put in the lineage of pop-artists who employ much glitz and glory in everything that they do. Even her name is a homage to one of the most groundbreaking and theatrical bands in history, Queen!

The famous singer appeared on Good Morning America on February 3rd, where she discussed her preparation for the performance: “I work out a lot, and I also do versa climbing while I sing.”

Well, it figures, since the performance was an exercise in durability, both mental and physical.

Consequently, Youtube user Zeal Ren commented: “If I were performing this, I would just die midway from exhaustion!”

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However, Gaga seemed to never have any problems with her singing stamina. Lady Gaga has received much praise from her colleagues for her singing. She is a vocal powerhouse, reaching the ranks of Michael Jackson. She pairs that with her own sensibility which rests heavily on creative borrowing from Madonna and the 80s MTV aesthetics. Think more is more!

She is well-versed in several singing styles. The album she recorded with one of the jazz greats, Tony Bennet, is one of her biggest accomplishments.

Her performance was a 13-minute medley of some of her chart-topping hits: Poker Face, Born This Way and The Edge Of Glory.

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“’Lady…the most super thing about the Super Bowl was you….just amazing!’, tweeted Tony Bennet.

Source: Daily Mail , ABC NEWS Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Daily Mail
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