The Way That This Guy Handles His Girlfriend’s Crippling Depression Is Just Awesome


    Depression is tough for everyone involved. The person suffering themselves has a daily struggle to function, some days not able to get going at all. As well as this, the people close them also feel the effects of depression. It hurts to see a loved one so unhappy, and it can be difficult to empathize and understand a person that cannot respond to your well-meaning attempts to help.

    Often it is a case of less-is-more. Reddit user bovadeez shared a creative and thoughtful example of what a significant other can do to assist their loved one when times are tough.

    Using nothing more than a jar, some popsicle sticks, colored markers and a bit of paper, he created a pressure-free affirmation jar that allows his girlfriend to take a color-coded stick at a time of her choosing. Bovadeez explained the idea thus:

    “Each “category” is color coded so for example orange are inspirational quotes from poets, political figures, philosophers, and humanitarians across time. Yellow reminders are positive words to help you through the day things like “you’re beautiful” and “it’s ok to ask for help” the purple ones are tips to help her relax things like “take a break” while she’s working on her master’s or “listen to your favorite song”. I put a fine tipped sharpie in there with the blank ones so she record moments when she’s the happiest and then she can pull one of those later when she needs it.”

    “This will hopefully help to regain control in some aspects and push her to take breaks and become more focused on herself.”

    This simple gesture, letting his girlfriend that he cares and is always there for her at a time of her choosing, is a powerful aid for somebody with depression. Many commenters agreed that this approach would be much appreciated, and is a good example of the kind of support that is needed.

    Scroll down below to check out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

    Reddit user bovadeez has a girlfriend that struggles with depression, and he wanted to help somehow

    Image credits: Juliana Dacoregio (not the actual photo)

    So he came up with a simple, yet brilliant idea that involved a bunch of popsicle sticks

    popsicle-sticks-help-girlfriend-anxiety-depression (4)

    Image credits: optimarc

    Which he color-coded with a marker pen

    popsicle-sticks-help-girlfriend-anxiety-depression (5)

    Image credits: kiraziku2u

    And placed in a jar so his girlfriend could pick one at a time of her choosing

    popsicle-sticks-help-girlfriend-anxiety-depression (2)

    Each color is a category


    With quotes, positive words, tips for relaxation and blank sticks so she can record happy moments


    People agreed that this is a perfect example of the kind of support a person with depression can appreciate






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