There’s A New Trend Where People Share Unusual Friends Visiting Their Windows, And We Can’t Get Enough


    Some unexpected visitors at your window are more welcome than others. Pretty much all human beings are a creepy no. Maybe you have seen that menacing kangaroo creepily tapping the window with its huge claws? Hell no!

    Birds, on the other hand are generally a beautiful sight to behold, waiting patiently at your window and looking inquisitively inside. Some people (known as ‘twitchers’), go to great lengths to get a sight of some of these birds, travelling around the world for just a glimpse. These lucky folks don’t even have to leave their couch!

    We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of times when birds and humans became buddies, and our feathered friends began to stop by for a visit. Scroll down below to check it out, and feel free to add your own ‘twitcher’ pics!

    I Work On The 10th Floor Of An Office Tower. I Have A Friend Who Stops By Daily.

    Image credits: msor504

    I’m A Pilot, When Birds Visit Me, It Doesn’t End Well

    Image credits: kvark27

    I Used To Work In A 10 Story Building And These Were My Daily Visitors.

    Image credits: dlozo

    I Too Have A Feathered Friend Who Hangs Out By My Window

    Image credits: rafaelmanzeli

    I Have 4 Feathered Friends Who Come By My Window Every Morning For Breakfast

    Image credits: ml09ja

    On The 35th Floor Of A Building In Chicago, This Little Chunk Stops By To Watch Us Make Coffee

    Image credits: useyourhandsboss

    I Also Have A Friend At My (4th Floor) Window – What A Turkey

    Image credits: khakijack

    My Friend’s Office-Mates.

    Image credits: mountainsky

    I Work On The 4th Floor Of A Building. I Have 2 Friends Who Come Visit Me.

    Image credits: InvisibleInkling

    I Too Have A 10th Floor Friend That Attends My Lunch & Learns.

    Image credits: TigerStyleRawr

    I Work On The 7th Floor Of An Office Tower. I Have A Friend Too

    Image credits: rushabhy

    I Work On The 22nd Floor And Also Have A Feathered Friend Who Sometimes Poses For Me.

    Image credits: Sartorius723

    So I Heard We Are Doing Office Hawks

    Image credits: boxfullofgangdeep

    Got Jealous Of Everyone’s Feathered Friend. I’ll Hopefully Have One Soon

    Image credits: zombiebandit

    My Mom Also Has A Curious Office Friend

    Image credits: Insergence

    Not A Raptor But My Daily 3rd Floor Visitor.

    Image credits: unionfitter582

    I Too Have A 24th Floor Friend

    Image credits: giraffe_says

    In 2007 I Bought A Digital Camera On Craigslist And Took One Picture Before It Died And Wouldn’t Work Again, Now Seems Like An Appropriate Time To Share

    Image credits: dangoodspeed

    A Baby Feathered Visitor Says Hello!

    Image credits: pinotgregario

    My Fried Is Making A Nest

    Image credits: blda9345

    9th Floor Feathered Friends

    Image credits: fastafro

    My Turn! Here’s My 14th Floor Friend. He Sits Guard Every Day.

    Image credits: HeyyyNow

    Seems Everyone Has Been Visited By Majestic Birds At Work. Meanwhile My Office Is Attracting These Guys… Actually That Makes Sense.

    Image credits: bayouraised

    I See Your 10th Floor Friend, And Raise You To The 12th Floor!

    Image credits: mycerinous

    How About A Baby Parrot At The Window!

    Image credits: CandescentArcus

    I Too Have A Feathered Friend, Who Often Came By My Office Window. Today Was The Last Time 🙁

    Image credits: Mohawk200x

    “Come At Me Bro”

    Image credits: PizzaBlvd

    My Feathered Friend Smiled For The Camera!

    Image credits: trivzQ9

    I Too Have A Workplace Falcon

    Image credits: alfienoakes

    I Have Friends Too

    Image credits: Fcuco

    It Seems There Are A Lot Of Birds Visiting People At Work These Days. This One Paid Me A Visit This Morning 🙂

    Image credits: Cococlimbingjewelry

    If We’re All Sharing Our Feathered Friends…here’s Mine

    Image credits: 6Rawdog9

    A Feathered Friend Outside Our Hotel Room.

    Image credits: unclescabs

    I Also Have A Feathered Friend Who Hangs Out By My Window

    Image credits: carefree_dude

    My 2nd Floor Friend

    Image credits: hairy_chest_guy

    I Work On The 5th Floor And I Have A Visitor, Too.

    Image credits: Profnemesis

    My Feathered Friends Like To Make Out In Front Of Me

    Image credits: mo0_mo0

    I Have A 42nd Fl Friend As Well

    Image credits: Caboky31

    I Too Have A Buddy Who Visits Me At Work

    Image credits: justmememe55

    Our Feathered Friends Wait For Us To Junp

    Image credits: TheAutoAdjuster

    I See Your High Rise Birds! I Raise You A High Rise Racoon!

    Image credits: lhaaz1234

    This Is My Feathery Friend! He Said He Wanted To Look Off In The Distance, So He Seemed Stoic Online.

    Image credits: pdrock7

    I See Your 10th Floor Birds And Raise You To 19th Floor Birds

    Image credits: cassiopeia1280

    Scary Bird Showed Up

    Image credits: DeerAndBeer

    My Sister’s Office Features This Giant Friend Outside The Window. Most Days He Watches And Stares. Today He Tried To Either Intimidate Her…or Give Her A Hug

    Image credits: WillRogers9000

    I Have More Of A Feathered Acquaintance Outside My Window…

    Image credits: ditty00

    I’ve Also Got A Bird Friend Who Comes To My Office Window – Today Sid Stuck His Tongue Out At Me!

    Image credits: imerom

    I Also Have A 31st Floor Friend

    Image credits: Moon-dog

    2nd Floor Friends In Australia

    Image credits: Faircheesey

    I Work On The 8th Floor Of An Office Building. This Is Our Friend Giving Cpr To His Lunch…

    Image credits: f0rkstab

    My Dad’s Window Friend Is A Vulture

    Image credits: Walch21

    In Miami We Too Have Feathery Friends That Drop By! Reddit, Say Hello To Ted And Terry.

    Image credits: JustAnotherZakuPilot

    I Also Have A Feathered Acquaintance That Visits My 7th Floor Window.

    Image credits: Heferti

    I Have Friens Too Who Visits Me Daily

    Image credits: TeemoShop

    My Feathery Friend Comes And Joins Me On The 34th Floor!

    Image credits: harpster604

    2nd Floor Feathered Friend

    Image credits: hdante

    I Have Many Feathered Friends At Work!

    Image credits: LindaBelcherAllright

    I Hear We Are Into Bird Friends Now

    Image credits: WilliamCubed

    My 4th Floor Friend Just Stares At Me And Licks His Beak

    Image credits: dadschool

    I Don’t Have Office Hawks. But What About Baby Office Buzzards? Can We Do Those?

    Image credits: ronearc

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