This Is Why You Should Never Point A Laser At A Helicopter


When I was in elementary school, I would often find it awesome whenever a classmate brought a laser pointer. While the teacher was writing something on the blackboard, he would use it to capture the attention of every single student in the classroom. And as I grew older, I once again became fascinated with lasers as I saw them gaining back the popularity.

But it’s not always fun when it comes to using lasers, and this man had to learn it the hard way. Read on!

Stiven Lopez-Bender was just trying to have fun with his laser.

I mean, what could go wrong with pointing at things using lasers?

Well, he decided to point his laser at a news helicopter.

You can point your laser here and there, but mocking a news helicopter doesn’t sound like a good idea at all.

The news helicopter was trying to capture a fire incident at New Jersey.

Basically, Stiven Lopez-Bender made the mistake of distracting the responsible workers from their job.

Now, Lopez-Bender could possibly stay in federal prison for five years.

This sounds like a tough punishment, but imagine the consequences of being distracted while a fire was breaking out.

He received a criminal complaint soon after what he did.

The 26-year-old man never considered the consequences of his actions.

If Lopez-Bender becomes convicted, he will also have to pay $250,000.

Think about it: This man will lose five years of his life and so much money because he wanted to make fun of news helicopters.
The United States, in general, has a problem with laser attacks.

After all, handheld laser gadgets have become widespread and relatively cheap.

Around 4,000 incidences were reported in 2014.

The Federal Aviation Administration also confirmed that at least 238 of these were proven attacks.

This means that, on average, there are at least 10 laser incidents each day.

Moreover, things aren’t looking any better as the rate has only been increasing ever since.

As of October 2015, there have been more than 5,000 reported laser attacks on aircraft.

In fact, 12 commercial aircraft were interrupted by laser attacks in just one day in May this year.

Still, it’s difficult to catch the people who do these laser attacks.

Thus, having at least one man convicted is already an achievement.

Thankfully, no one in the aircraft was injured.

But if you’re wondering why it’s not allowed to point lasers at helicopters, it’s because they can burn a pilot’s cornea and lead to horrific accidents.

Watch the video below!

Please don’t mess with authorities and always think twice before you do things like these.



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