Woman Tries To Attack Elon Musk On Twitter, Doesn’t Expect A Response Like This


    If you’re going to challenge the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink on Twitter, you had better come with all of your facts straight. A woman named Laurie Kilmartin learned that the hard way when she responded to SpaceX’s recent Falcon 9 rocket launch by suggesting Musk’s funds be concentrated toward a more ‘noble’ cause. One of the mogul’s followers decided to step in and inject a dose of logic into the conversation, and the exchange that followed left Kilmartin – and everyone watching from home – literally speechless. Scroll down to see it, and prepare to be shook.

    Though Elon Musk is currently celebrating the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, not everyone is happy about it

    Image credits: elonmusk

    A Twitter user came forward to challenge the use of his funds…

    And the exchange that followed was like a raging fire

    Mic? On the floor and rolling

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