Woman With Anxiety Tired Of Others Not Understanding What It Is, Decides To Explain It With A Powerful Post


    Forget everything you think you know about anxiety. Despite the fact that so much information is currently available on anxiety disorders, people still seem to be confused as to what those suffering from them actually face. A makeup artist named Brittany Nichole Morefield has bravely come forward and opened a window into her private struggle, and the way she describes it is terrifyingly poignant.

    “Anxiety is crippling. Anxiety is dark. Anxiety is having to make up excuse after excuse for your behavior,” Morefield offers as just a few examples of the complex issues she fights through each day. The entire anecdote, posted on her personal Facebook page and shared more than 418 thousand times across the Internet, reads like haunting spoken word poetry. Given that Morefield is also a mom, the pressure to keep her demons at bay is even stronger.

    The piece does, however, end with a message of hope. Scroll down to read it, and share this with anyone who still doesn’t quite understand how anxiety can impact a person’s life. If you, or someone you know needs help, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness at 1-800-950-6264. In the author’s own words, “This is not the end… You are worthy.”

    This is makeup artist Brittany Nichole Morefield. She seems happy, but like so many, she’s struggling inside

    Image credits: Brittany Nichole Morefield

    Anxiety is often seen as a lonely battle, but Morefield blew the doors wide open on her experience with this post

    Image credits: Brittany Nichole Morefield

    Her honesty resonated with readers, who bravely came forward with their own stories

    If you, or someone you know needs help, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness at 1-800-950-6264

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